Renewables Now



New Mexico has the opportunity to deploy significant renewable energy to replace San Juan Units 2&3 which will be retired early in order to bring the plant into compliance with regional haze regulation. 

New Energy Economy has worked to build a powerful case that proves that renewable energy replacement power will not only bring significant gains in public health, environmental protection, and economic development, but save New Mexico’s rate payers hundreds of millions of dollars over the next twenty-five years. New Energy Economy has formulated an alternative replacement package that meets New Mexico’s peak load with 240 megawatts of solar energy, 400 megawatts of wind energy, and gas. 


Help us Raise $50,000 for the Case


Join Us for the Oral Arguments before the New Mexico Supreme Court on November 9th 1PM (Corner of Alameda and Don Gaspar)

Solar and Wind are Cheaper than Coal and Nuclear

Renewable energy is now cheaper than conventional energy sources. In the current replacement case before the PRC, PNM has admitted that their Strategist financial modeling runs using New Energy Economy's proposed Replacement Power Plan based on renewables and a four-unit shut down at the San Juan Coal plant are BOTH cheaper than their current proposal for more coal and nuclear.

Renewable Resources are Abundant in New Mexico and Provide a Viable Alternative TODAY!

New Mexico is endowed with some of the greatest renewable energy potential in the country. Ranked 2nd in the country for solar potential and 11th in the country for wind potential, New Mexico could feasibly become a net exporter of renewable energy – serving rapidly growing renewable energy markets throughout the western United States.

New Mexicans are Ready for Change!

Polling in New Mexico mirrors public opinion across the country wherein just 1 in 5 Americans today says that making electricity from coal is a good idea.  By contrast, 84% say wind and 91% say solar are good ways to produce our electricity. By nearly two-to-one, Americans say we should be investing more in energy efficiency and renewable sources like wind and solar than in coal, oil, and gas. Even the idea of fully transitioning the U.S. from fossil fuels to renewables within the next 15 years garners majority support. Across six interior western states, 72% of voters say they are more likely to vote for a candidate who promotes more use of renewable energy like wind and solar. There is widespread understanding today of the need to continue making progress on producing our energy more cleanly given all the harm from coal pollution – including carbon pollution. In New Mexico, where fossil fuel extraction has long been an economic linchpin, wind and solar ranked first when voters were asked what two energy sources they wanted to see more money spent on: Solar power – 56%; wind power – 43% and just 11% for nuclear and 8% for coal